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Thursday 15th February.

Things are starting to make sense now. Jamie Vincent who has been conspicuous through his absence in the last 2 games looks almost certain to be heading down to Portsmouth after all. After a few weeks of will he, wonít he speculation it seems as though the offer of £ĺ million has proved irresistible to Mr Rubery and last seasonís player of the season will almost definitely be packing his bags and saying bye-bye to the circus.

Once again it seems that a player is going to be allowed to leave for a value below his true worth, simply because a firm offer happens to be on the table. We all know what happened last season in a similar situation, and although we are aware of the financial mess we are in, I canít believe how easily the board are tempted by a few quid. Apart from Craig Armstrong we donít have any left-backs in the first team squad, and we look unbalanced with defenders playing out of position. How much of this sum is made available to Macari remains to be seen, but I suspect he wonít see so much of it.

The player himself alluded to family reasons for wishing to move back down south, saying that they have not settled in the north. We had the same situation a number of years ago with Craig Maskell, and these southern nonces donít seem to be able to stick it out up here for a few years. I really cannot understand this attitude because football is a short career, and if they just grin and bear it up here for a few seasons they can then clear off back down south with a few quid in their bank account. Anyway, heís as good as gone now and weíll just have to muddle through without a proper left back (sorry Craig) for the time being.



All words and thoughts by Chris except where stated.

A big thank you to Machala for putting up with me doing this and Ian for his support and my Mum for her proof reading.

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