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Wednesday 14th February.

What a farce, Lou Macariís disciplinary hearing was postponed yesterday Ė because the FA hadnít completed their paperwork properly. This just about sums up what a feckless bunch of losers run our national game. Theyíve had almost 2 months to concoct their story with few other distractions other than screwing up the Wembley stadium project, whilst poor old Lou has been busy trying to keep the greatest team in football out of the second division! No new date has been set yet, but surely if they havenít got their act together after 2 months then there should be no case to answer.

Not content with dicking us around once, there is a suggestion that the FA disciplinary committee might be welcoming Joe Jordan and some of the players following the protestations to the referee following Boltonís last minute equaliser on Saturday. Nothing definite has been confirmed but it wouldnít surprise me as I think they have got it in for Town at the moment. When will they realise that football is a manís game and passion can run high at times? When a referee awards a late and questionable free kick that deprives you of 2 priceless points, players are bound to get worked up, and rightly so, there would be something wrong if they didnít.



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