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Bradford survive

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9 points to safety
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Biggest win
QPR doomed
Nearly there
The bitter end

Friday 20th April.

I sometimes wonder if other football fans do strange things when their thoughts are consumed by a really important game. After the defeat at Blackburn the QPR game tomorrow has taken on greater significance, and I find myself doing daft things like kicking stones as I walk back to my car after work telling myself that if I get it between those two lamp-posts then Town will win tomorrow. Sometimes you might screw up a piece of paper and lob it towards the bin basketball style thinking that if it goes in then Town will get three points in their next game. When they lose you find yourself remembering those bits of paper that missed the bin, or the stones that didnít make their intended target and in some way feeling responsible for the defeat. Very sad but regrettably true, and this has been just one of those weeks as I am a bag of nerves.



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A big thank you to Machala for putting up with me doing this and Ian for his support and my Mum for her proof reading.

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