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Bradford survive

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Morris' McApline move
Prodigal son returns
Biggest win
QPR doomed
Nearly there
The bitter end

Thursday 22nd February.

When the Examiner is short of copy to fill column inches on the back page, Mervin Snooze wheels out his stock story. Once again we read that signings are a priority and Macari is spending almost every waking minute trying to bring in a new face or two. Yawn, yawn, week after week we have been reading this same piece of fiction, and we know that the players on duty at Turf Moor on Saturday will bear a striking resemblance to those who played last week, and the week before, and the week before that, and so on and so forth. Real fans would appreciate a little more honesty in the local rag, instead of these safe little stories exchanged at the club over a cup of tea and a chocolate biscuit. By the look of Mr Snoozeís physique, many a digestive has slipped down his gullet and we are tired of this stale reporting. Bring back Martin Hardy, he was a sarcastic sod much of the time, but at least he criticised the players and club from time to time.

According to the Soccernet website today, Steve Bruce has today ruled himself out of the vacant Managers job at Queens Park Rangers. The reason is alleged to be that QPR may only be looking for a short-term appointment, and Bruce is looking for a longer-term commitment. We all know the real reason though, donít we? QPR didnít have a barrow full of cash to throw at him so that he could waste it on second-rate players. I think itís a shame that Bruce has withdrawn though, because since Gerry Francis announced his retirement the team has seen an upturn in form, and that needs to be nipped in the bud.



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A big thank you to Machala for putting up with me doing this and Ian for his support and my Mum for her proof reading.

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