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Monday 5th March.

Following Saturday’s highly efficient win against Norwich, and with another vital game against Grimsby tomorrow, Barry Rubery has set the ‘cat amongst the pigeons’ with some comments in his programme notes for the Norwich game. Seemingly he is laying the blame for Town’s current predicament fairly and squarely at the feet of former manager Steve Bruce. He wrote that “Some £3m was wasted on players brought in by Steve Bruce, who we have now thankfully parted company with, and that's money that could have and would have been spent more wisely by a more experienced manager without an ego to feed”. Now hold on a minute Mr Rubery and take a look in the mirror before you start mud-slinging.

Firstly, who sacked a perfectly able and highly committed manager Peter Jackson to bring in a manager who could attract ‘high profile’ players? Jacko never had a sniff of the funds made available to his successor. Secondly, who oversaw the signing of all of these players? Perhaps it was Mr Ayre but doubtless only with the sanction of your good self or was this task delegated to your own right-hand man? Thirdly, who was it that said that he had a three-year plan for promotion to the premiership and then got cold feet selling the club’s best player from under the nose of this manager you now despise?

Granted, I seriously questioned Bruce’s motivational skills with the players at times, but the supporters had already been alienated by the dismissal of Peter Jackson and the sale of Marcus Stewart. Just exactly who has made the bigger blunders, and who has the bigger ego to feed? We, the supporters, will still be here long after you have gone, and I just hope that there is still some semblance of a club to support and that it is hopefully not in too low a division either.



All words and thoughts by Chris except where stated.

A big thank you to Machala for putting up with me doing this and Ian for his support and my Mum for her proof reading.

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